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product photography

IMG_9551Product Photography

The right, or wrong, product photography can make or break a product.

The way you present your products has a significant impact on sales. Amateur-looking product shots erode consumers’ trust and could send them fleeing. Fortunately, a professional photographer can create beautiful product photographs that will instill faith in your customers’ store and generate sales.

Sara is extremely skilled in staging your products, using proper lighting and camera settings. We use the best equipment and software to ensure great shots, every time.

Typically our clients need product shots for use on their websites or product catalogs.  All of our images are shot in the highest resolution and can be scaled down for the web or used as is for print.

What makes one product photo better than another?

  1. Cleanliness.

Any fingerprints, smudges or dust, will be evident at the resolution we shoot. We make sure all equipment and products are cleaned before shooting them. Anything that makes it into the shoot is removed in post production.

  1. Backgrounds

Our studio is equipped with a variety of backdrops to contribute to making your product ‘pop.’ Typically white backdrops are used, but the sky is the limit pending your branding goals.

  1. Lighting

Our studio uses multiple studio strobes when shooting products. Soft light looks nice for most products, though sometimes more direct lighting creates dramatic shadows and highlight when required.

  1. Camera

Sara is a happy Canon aficionado and always uses the latest and greatest gear to capture the best shots. It isn’t’ enough to own a great camera; you have to know how to use it and the best settings for any situation. Choice of a lens is also important.

  1. Processing

Processing or post production are an important phase of any finished image. Our knowledge in Photoshop enables us to create a finished shot you will love.

Every step is important in delivering quality product photos. Our experience and expertise in every step allow you to receive an amazing finished photo, every time.

For more information on our product photography capabilities feel free to email or call us.